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. Postcards collection: a journey in the past with postcards

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More than 250 postcards, among the best French vintage postcards, are shown on this web site for a trip in the past:

You are invited to visit France in the 1900s  with postcards. You will notice that French postcards used to show not only famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris,  but also the daily life of French people in the cities or in the country: their works, regional costumes and traditions.

Let's go for a trip to France a century ago...

. Not so far from postcards... Sightseeing: Honfleur in Normandy

Sightseeing in Normandy is often associated with June, 6th, 1944 D-Day & Normandy landing beaches.

Honfleur was lucky to keep away from the bombing targets and is now one of the most visited French cities.

Known also to be the cradle of Impressionism, with famous painters like Eugène Boudin,  or Claude Monet, and many others, Honfleur remains the city of painters and is really a place to visit when traveling to Normandy...

Honfleur  - Normandy

Honfleur ... a typical harbor in Normandy to visit

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