Honfleur in the 1900s

Entrance of the Harbor & ship to Le Havre

Honfleur is the ideal city for postcards collecting. The sight has always been among the best in France. And even in the early years of the postcard, tourists used to come to visit Honfleur. Therefore, postcards are nowadays easy to find with good subjects.

Tourists could arrive by ship from Le Havre or Southampton, or more likely by train, but it was also possible to take the bus to Trouville, Deauville and Villers: this was a real expedition at that time. 

With all these subjects, a collection can be organized as follows:

  1. Honfleur and its streets

  • Street of the Republic

  • Dolphin street

  • Gambetta Street

  • Other streets

honfleurmtil350.jpg (17003 octets)
Dolphin street

  1. Harbor and ships

  • the harbor and the docks

  • fishing boats

  • commercial port

honfleurnd49.jpg (12724 octets)
fishing boats
  1. Feasts

  • Feast for the Coronation in June 1913

  • other festivals

couronnement03.jpg (16442 octets)
Coronation Feast in 1913
  1. Means of transport

  • Ship to Le Havre

  • The station

  • Buses from Honfleur to Villers

honfleurauto01.jpg (15503 octets)
the bus station
  1. and Honfleur nowadays...

The harbor where tourists and impressionists came a century ago still remains a famous place for sightseeing in France. Honfleur remains a good postcard subject ...

honfleur10.jpg (21525 octets)
Honfleur nowadays


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27 July 2001